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The DataBank Online Enterprise software allows companies of all sizes to maintain and operate an effective offsite backup procedure.

Whether you are an independent freelancer, small business or public company with thousands of users, the DataBank Online system caters to your needs.

The DataBank Online Enterprise edition supports Windows Server 2003/2008, Linux, Mac and Novell


Fileserver Backup

The Enterprise software allows you to drill down and select the files and folders that you need to backup.

MS Exchange Server Backup (Supports Exchange 2003/2007/2010)

The software provides the option to backup Microsoft Exchange. You have the option of selecting the entire Storage Group or individually selecting either the Mailbox Store or the Public Folders The system backs up both the Database and the Log files according to the selected schedule.

Exchange Brick Level Backup

The software has a very powerful option that enables administrators to drill down and backup individual mailboxes or public folders. The restore process allows the administrator to restore a full mailbox or single email to its original location. The system also maintains snapshots according to the retention policy.

SQL & MySQL Backup

The software allows full and differential backups of SQL databases.

The Databank Online Enterprise system also supports

Oracle, Lotus Notes and system state backups.