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How it Works
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Pricing - We only Charge for Compressed Data

At DataBank Online, we compress your data before uploading it. Unlike other providers, we pass this saving onto you by charging you only for the amount of compressed data stored on our servers.

Typical Compression Rates with DataBank Online

Server Type Compression Rate (%)
Oracle Servers 85%
SQL Servers 80%
Exchange Servers 54%
File Servers 52%

Our pricing starts at a very low €1 per GB per month.

The DataBank Online Advantage

  • We only charge you for storage of the compressed data. (Our compression rate can reach 90%)
  • We do not charge you any setup fees.
  • All the servers are owned and maintained by DataBank Online in our own highly secure data storage facility located 3 floors underground.
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Still not sure?

Why don’t you try the service unlimited for a month completely free of charge. We will treat you as a regular customer so you can really see how good it is.