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How it Works
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DataBank Online Backup - How it Works

We believe that the online backup process must be secure, fast and simple.

Installation of DataBank Online on your network

DataBank Online is a cross platform backup software that runs on you hardware.
  • Installation includes email or phone support from a DataBank Online technician.
  • Choose and select the data you want to be backed up.
  • Select the frequency of your offsite data transfer.

The initial full backup

For the first full backup, a DataBank Online technician will consult with you to determine exactly how much data that you need to backup. The initial full backup may need to run over a number of hours until all your data is uploaded to our servers.

The DataBank Online application is very light and runs seamlessly in the background not overloading your network bandwidth

Incremental Backups

According to your pre-defined schedule, incremental backups automatically begin; data is compressed and encrypted locally, and snapshots are stored on the DataBank Online servers. You will receive a daily report confirming the status of every backup.

DataBank Online DRP Facility Features:

  • Onsite generator capable of powering the entire facility in the event of a power cut
  • FM200 gas fire suppression system
  • 6 environmental control systems including backup units maintaining a constant temperature of between 18-22 degrees and a humidity of between 40-60%
  • Triple entry security access
  • Sophisticated security system
  • Advanced infra-red CCTV system
  • Restricted access